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Health Check

Health Check extension enables an HTTP url that can be probed to check the status of the OpenTelemetry Collector. This extension can be used as a liveness and/or readiness probe on Kubernetes.

The following settings are required:

  • endpoint (default = Address to publish the health check status to
  • port (default = 13133): [deprecated] What port to expose HTTP health information.



The full list of settings exposed for this exporter is documented here with detailed sample configurations here.



Package healthcheckextension implements an extension that enables an HTTP endpoint that can be used to check the overall health and status of the service.



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func NewFactory added in v0.8.0

func NewFactory() component.ExtensionFactory

NewFactory creates a factory for HealthCheck extension.


type Config

type Config struct {
	config.ExtensionSettings `mapstructure:",squash"` // squash ensures fields are correctly decoded in embedded struct

	// Port is the port used to publish the health check status.
	// The default value is 13133.
	// Deprecated: use Endpoint instead.
	Port uint16 `mapstructure:"port"`

	// TCPAddr represents a tcp endpoint address that is to publish the health
	// check status.
	// The default endpoint is "".
	TCPAddr confignet.TCPAddr `mapstructure:",squash"`

Config has the configuration for the extension enabling the health check extension, used to report the health status of the service.

func (*Config) Validate added in v0.25.0

func (cfg *Config) Validate() error

Validate checks if the extension configuration is valid

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