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Enables an extension that serves zPages, an HTTP endpoint that provides live data for debugging different components that were properly instrumented for such. All core exporters and receivers provide some zPage instrumentation.

zPages are useful for in-process diagnostics without having to depend on any backend to examine traces or metrics.

The following settings are required:

  • endpoint (default = localhost:55679): Specifies the HTTP endpoint that serves zPages. Use localhost: to make it available only locally, or ":" to make it available on all network interfaces.



The full list of settings exposed for this exporter are documented here with detailed sample configurations here.

Exposed zPages routes

The collector exposes the following zPage routes:


ServiceZ gives an overview of the collector services by gives quick access to the pipelinez and extensionz zPages. The page also provides build and runtime information.

Example URL: http://localhost:55679/debug/servicez


PipelineZ brings insight on the running pipelines running in the collector. You can find information on type, if data is mutated and the receivers, processors and exporters that are used for each pipeline.

Example URL: http://localhost:55679/debug/pipelinez


ExtensionZ shows the extensions that are active in the collector.

Example URL: http://localhost:55679/debug/extensionz


The TraceZ route is available to examine and bucketize spans by latency buckets for example

(0us, 10us, 100us, 1ms, 10ms, 100ms, 1s, 10s, 1m] They also allow you to quickly examine error samples

Example URL: http://localhost:55679/debug/tracez


The Rpcz route is available to help examine statistics of remote procedure calls (RPCs) that are properly instrumented. For example when using gRPC

Example URL: http://localhost:55679/debug/rpcz



Package zpagesextension implements an extension that exposes zPages of properly instrumented components.



This section is empty.


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func NewFactory added in v0.8.0

func NewFactory() component.ExtensionFactory

NewFactory creates a factory for Z-Pages extension.


type Config

type Config struct {
	config.ExtensionSettings `mapstructure:",squash"` // squash ensures fields are correctly decoded in embedded struct

	// TCPAddr is the address and port in which the zPages will be listening to.
	// Use localhost:<port> to make it available only locally, or ":<port>" to
	// make it available on all network interfaces.
	TCPAddr confignet.TCPAddr `mapstructure:",squash"`

Config has the configuration for the extension enabling the zPages extension.

func (*Config) Validate added in v0.25.0

func (cfg *Config) Validate() error

Validate checks if the extension configuration is valid

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