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Prometheus Remote Write Exporter for Cortex Example

This example uses Docker Compose to set up:

  1. A Go program that creates two instruments and exports randomly generated metrics data using the exporter
  2. An instance of Cortex to receive the metrics data
  3. An instance of Grafana to visualize the exported data


Installation instructions can be found in the Docker documentation.


  1. Run the docker container with the following command:

    docker-compose up -d

    The -d flag causes all services to be run in detached mode, or in the background. This causes no logs to show up. Users can attach themselves to a service's logs manually.

  2. Log in to the Grafana instance at http://localhost:3000

    • The login credentials are admin/admin
    • There may be an additional screen on setting a new password. It isn't needed and can be skipped
  3. Go to the Data Sources tab page

    • Look for a gear icon on the left sidebar and select Data Sources
  4. Add a new Prometheus Data Source

  5. Go to the New Dashboard page

    • Look for a + sign and select Dashboard
    • Click Add New Panel
  6. Add new metric queries

    • Click the + Query button to create a new query if an empty one isn't available
    • Under the Metrics dropdown, select a metric
    • Add new queries to see different metrics at the same time
    • Optionally, adjust the time range by clicking the Last 6 hours button on the upper right side of the graph
    • Optionally, set up auto-refresh by selecting an option under the dropdown next to the refresh button on the upper right side of the graph
    • Click the refresh button and data should show up on the graph
  7. Shut down the services when you're finished with the example

    docker-compose down



Package main exemplifies how to use a Cortex exporter.

Deprecated: This package is no longer supported.

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