package runtime implements the conventional runtime metrics specified by OpenTelemetry.

    The metric events produced are:

    runtime.go.cgo.calls         -          Number of cgo calls made by the current process
    runtime.go.gc.count          -          Number of completed garbage collection cycles
    runtime.go.gc.pause_ns       (ns)       Amount of nanoseconds in GC stop-the-world pauses
    runtime.go.gc.pause_total_ns (ns)       Cumulative nanoseconds in GC stop-the-world pauses since the program started
    runtime.go.goroutines        -          Number of goroutines that currently exist
    runtime.go.lookups           -          Number of pointer lookups performed by the runtime
    runtime.go.mem.heap_alloc    (bytes)    Bytes of allocated heap objects
    runtime.go.mem.heap_idle     (bytes)    Bytes in idle (unused) spans
    runtime.go.mem.heap_inuse    (bytes)    Bytes in in-use spans
    runtime.go.mem.heap_objects  -          Number of allocated heap objects
    runtime.go.mem.heap_released (bytes)    Bytes of idle spans whose physical memory has been returned to the OS
    runtime.go.mem.heap_sys      (bytes)    Bytes of heap memory obtained from the OS
    runtime.go.mem.live_objects  -          Number of live objects is the number of cumulative Mallocs - Frees
    runtime.uptime               (ms)       Milliseconds since application was initialized



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    const DefaultMinimumReadMemStatsInterval time.Duration = 15 * time.Second

      DefaultMinimumReadMemStatsInterval is the default minimum interval between calls to runtime.ReadMemStats(). Use the WithMinimumReadMemStatsInterval() option to modify this setting in Start().


      This section is empty.


      func Start

      func Start(opts ...Option) error

        Start initializes reporting of runtime metrics using the supplied config.


        type Option

        type Option interface {
        	// ApplyRuntime updates *config.

          Option supports configuring optional settings for runtime metrics.

          func WithMeterProvider

          func WithMeterProvider(provider metric.MeterProvider) Option

            WithMeterProvider sets the Metric implementation to use for reporting. If this option is not used, the global metric.MeterProvider will be used. `provider` must be non-nil.

            func WithMinimumReadMemStatsInterval

            func WithMinimumReadMemStatsInterval(d time.Duration) Option

              WithMinimumReadMemStatsInterval sets a minimum interval between calls to runtime.ReadMemStats(), which is a relatively expensive call to make frequently. This setting is ignored when `d` is negative.

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