package runtime implements the work-in-progress conventional runtime metrics specified by OpenTelemetry.

    The metrics produced are:

    runtime.go.cgo.calls         -          Number of cgo calls made by the current process
    runtime.go.gc.count          -          Number of completed garbage collection cycles
    runtime.go.gc.pause_ns       (ns)       Amount of nanoseconds in GC stop-the-world pauses
    runtime.go.gc.pause_total_ns (ns)       Cumulative nanoseconds in GC stop-the-world pauses since the program started
    runtime.go.goroutines        -          Number of goroutines that currently exist
    runtime.go.lookups           -          Number of pointer lookups performed by the runtime
    runtime.go.mem.heap_alloc    (bytes)    Bytes of allocated heap objects
    runtime.go.mem.heap_idle     (bytes)    Bytes in idle (unused) spans
    runtime.go.mem.heap_inuse    (bytes)    Bytes in in-use spans
    runtime.go.mem.heap_objects  -          Number of allocated heap objects
    runtime.go.mem.heap_released (bytes)    Bytes of idle spans whose physical memory has been returned to the OS
    runtime.go.mem.heap_sys      (bytes)    Bytes of heap memory obtained from the OS
    runtime.go.mem.live_objects  -          Number of live objects is the number of cumulative Mallocs - Frees
    runtime.uptime               (ms)       Milliseconds since application was initialized



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    type Runtime

    type Runtime struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Runtime reports the work-in-progress conventional runtime metrics specified by OpenTelemetry

      func New

      func New(meter metric.Meter, interval time.Duration) *Runtime

        New returns Runtime, a structure for reporting Go runtime metrics interval is used to define how often to invoke Go runtime.ReadMemStats() to obtain metric data. It should be noted this package invokes a stop-the-world function on this interval. The interval should not be set arbitrarily small without accepting the performance overhead. TODO this interval may be removed in favor of otel SDK control after batch observers land

        func (*Runtime) Start

        func (r *Runtime) Start() error

          Start begins regular background polling of Go runtime metrics and will return an error if any issues are encountered

          func (*Runtime) Stop

          func (r *Runtime) Stop()

            Stop terminates the regular background polling of Go runtime metrics

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