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Package b3 implements the B3 propagator specification as defined at https://github.com/openzipkin/b3-propagation




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func New

New creates a B3 implementation of propagation.TextMapPropagator. B3 propagator serializes SpanContext to/from B3 Headers. This propagator supports both versions of B3 headers,

  1. Single Header: b3: {TraceId}-{SpanId}-{SamplingState}-{ParentSpanId}
  2. Multiple Headers: x-b3-traceid: {TraceId} x-b3-parentspanid: {ParentSpanId} x-b3-spanid: {SpanId} x-b3-sampled: {SamplingState} x-b3-flags: {DebugFlag}

The Single Header propagator is used by default.

package main

import (

func main() {
	p := b3.New()
	// Register the B3 propagator globally.

Example (InjectEncoding)
package main

import (

func main() {
	// Create a B3 propagator configured to inject context with both multiple
	// and single header B3 HTTP encoding.
	p := b3.New(b3.WithInjectEncoding(b3.B3MultipleHeader | b3.B3SingleHeader))

func SemVersion deprecated added in v0.24.0

func SemVersion() string

SemVersion is the semantic version to be supplied to tracer/meter creation.

Deprecated: Use Version instead.

func Version added in v0.24.0

func Version() string

Version is the current release version of the B3 propagator.


type Encoding

type Encoding uint8

Encoding is a bitmask representation of the B3 encoding type.

const (
	// B3Unspecified is an unspecified B3 encoding.
	B3Unspecified Encoding = 0
	// B3MultipleHeader is a B3 encoding that uses multiple headers to
	// transmit tracing information all prefixed with `x-b3-`.
	//    x-b3-traceid: {TraceId}
	//    x-b3-parentspanid: {ParentSpanId}
	//    x-b3-spanid: {SpanId}
	//    x-b3-sampled: {SamplingState}
	//    x-b3-flags: {DebugFlag}
	B3MultipleHeader Encoding = 1 << iota
	// B3SingleHeader is a B3 encoding that uses a single header named `b3`
	// to transmit tracing information.
	//    b3: {TraceId}-{SpanId}-{SamplingState}-{ParentSpanId}

type Option

type Option interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

Option interface used for setting optional config properties.

func WithInjectEncoding

func WithInjectEncoding(encoding Encoding) Option

WithInjectEncoding sets the encoding the propagator will inject. The encoding is interpreted as a bitmask. Therefore

WithInjectEncoding(B3SingleHeader | B3MultipleHeader)

means the propagator will inject both single and multi B3 headers.

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