Package zipkin contains an OpenTelemetry tracing exporter for Zipkin.

This package is currently in a pre-GA phase. Backwards incompatible changes may be introduced in subsequent minor version releases as we work to track the evolving OpenTelemetry specification and user feedback.



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func InstallNewPipeline

func InstallNewPipeline(collectorURL string, opts ...Option) error

InstallNewPipeline instantiates a NewExportPipeline with the recommended configuration and registers it globally.

func NewExportPipeline

func NewExportPipeline(collectorURL string, opts ...Option) (*sdktrace.TracerProvider, error)

NewExportPipeline sets up a complete export pipeline with the recommended setup for trace provider


type Exporter

type Exporter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Exporter exports SpanSnapshots to the zipkin collector. It implements the SpanBatcher interface, so it needs to be used together with the WithBatcher option when setting up the exporter pipeline.

func NewRawExporter

func NewRawExporter(collectorURL string, opts ...Option) (*Exporter, error)

NewRawExporter creates a new Zipkin exporter.

func (*Exporter) ExportSpans

func (e *Exporter) ExportSpans(ctx context.Context, ss []*sdktrace.SpanSnapshot) error

ExportSpans exports SpanSnapshots to a Zipkin receiver.

func (*Exporter) Shutdown

func (e *Exporter) Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

Shutdown stops the exporter flushing any pending exports.

type Option

type Option func(*options)

Option defines a function that configures the exporter.

func WithClient

func WithClient(client *http.Client) Option

WithClient configures the exporter to use the passed HTTP client.

func WithLogger

func WithLogger(logger *log.Logger) Option

WithLogger configures the exporter to use the passed logger.

func WithSDKOptions

func WithSDKOptions(tpOpts ...sdktrace.TracerProviderOption) Option

WithSDKOptions configures options passed to the created TracerProvider.