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Package zipkin contains an OpenTelemetry tracing exporter for Zipkin.



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func SpanModels

func SpanModels(batch []tracesdk.ReadOnlySpan) []zkmodel.SpanModel

SpanModels converts OpenTelemetry spans into Zipkin model spans. This is used for exporting to Zipkin compatible tracing services.


type Exporter

type Exporter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Exporter exports spans to the zipkin collector.

func New

func New(collectorURL string, opts ...Option) (*Exporter, error)

New creates a new Zipkin exporter.

func (*Exporter) ExportSpans

func (e *Exporter) ExportSpans(ctx context.Context, spans []sdktrace.ReadOnlySpan) error

ExportSpans exports spans to a Zipkin receiver.

func (*Exporter) MarshalLog added in v1.5.0

func (e *Exporter) MarshalLog() interface{}

MarshalLog is the marshaling function used by the logging system to represent this exporter.

func (*Exporter) Shutdown

func (e *Exporter) Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

Shutdown stops the exporter flushing any pending exports.

type Option

type Option interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

Option defines a function that configures the exporter.

func WithClient

func WithClient(client *http.Client) Option

WithClient configures the exporter to use the passed HTTP client.

func WithLogger

func WithLogger(logger *log.Logger) Option

WithLogger configures the exporter to use the passed logger.

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