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var ErrInconsistentState = fmt.Errorf("inconsistent processor state")
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var ErrInvalidExportKind = fmt.Errorf("invalid export kind")


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type Config

type Config struct {
	// Memory controls whether the processor remembers metric
	// instruments and label sets that were previously reported.
	// When Memory is true, CheckpointSet.ForEach() will visit
	// metrics that were not updated in the most recent interval.
	Memory bool

    Config contains the options for configuring a basic metric processor.

    type Option

    type Option interface {

    func WithMemory

    func WithMemory(memory bool) Option

      WithMemory sets the memory behavior of a Processor. If this is true, the processor will report metric instruments and label sets that were previously reported but not updated in the most recent interval.

      type Processor

      type Processor struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      func New

      func New(aselector export.AggregatorSelector, eselector export.ExportKindSelector, opts ...Option) *Processor

        New returns a basic Processor that is also a Checkpointer using the provided AggregatorSelector to select Aggregators. The ExportKindSelector is consulted to determine the kind(s) of exporter that will consume data, so that this Processor can prepare to compute Delta or Cumulative Aggregations as needed.

        func (*Processor) CheckpointSet

        func (b *Processor) CheckpointSet() export.CheckpointSet

          CheckpointSet returns the associated CheckpointSet. Use the CheckpointSet Locker interface to synchronize access to this object. The CheckpointSet.ForEach() method cannot be called concurrently with Process().

          func (*Processor) FinishCollection

          func (b *Processor) FinishCollection() error

            FinishCollection signals to the Processor that a complete collection has finished and that ForEach will be called to access the CheckpointSet.

            func (*Processor) ForEach

            func (b *Processor) ForEach(exporter export.ExportKindSelector, f func(export.Record) error) error

              ForEach iterates through the CheckpointSet, passing an export.Record with the appropriate Cumulative or Delta aggregation to an exporter.

              func (*Processor) Process

              func (b *Processor) Process(accum export.Accumulation) error

                Process implements export.Processor.

                func (*Processor) StartCollection

                func (b *Processor) StartCollection()

                  StartCollection signals to the Processor one or more Accumulators will begin calling Process() calls during collection.

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