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Package authenticators contains authenticator interfaces.



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type Response added in v0.13.0

type Response struct {
	User                   user.Info
	DN                     string
	ExtraRefreshAttributes map[string]string

type UserAuthenticator

type UserAuthenticator interface {
	AuthenticateUser(ctx context.Context, username, password string) (*Response, bool, error)

UserAuthenticator is an interface is similar to the k8s token authenticator, but works with username/passwords instead of a single token string.

The return values should be as follows. 1. For a successful authentication: - A response which includes the username, uid, and groups in the userInfo. The username and uid must not be blank. - true - nil error 2. For an unsuccessful authentication, e.g. bad username or password: - nil response - false - nil error 3. For an unexpected error, e.g. a network problem: - nil response - false - an error Other combinations of return values must be avoided.

See for the token authenticator interface, as well as the Response type.

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