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Published: Aug 26, 2022 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 4 Imported by: 0



Package endpointaddr implements parsing and validation of "<host>[:<port>]" strings for Pinniped APIs.



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type HostPort

type HostPort struct {
	// Host is the validated host part of the input, which may be a hostname or IP.
	// This string can be be used as an x509 certificate SAN.
	Host string

	// Port is the validated port number, which may be defaulted.
	Port uint16

func Parse

func Parse(endpoint string, defaultPort uint16) (HostPort, error)

Parse an "endpoint address" string, providing a default port. The input can be in several valid formats:

- "<hostname>" (DNS hostname) - "<IPv4>" (IPv4 address) - "<IPv6>" (IPv6 address) - "<hostname>:<port>" (DNS hostname with port) - "<IPv4>:<port>" (IPv4 address with port) - "[<IPv6>]:<port>" (IPv6 address with port, brackets are required)

If the input does not not specify a port number, then defaultPort will be used.

func (*HostPort) Endpoint

func (h *HostPort) Endpoint() string

Endpoint is the host:port validated from the input, where port may be a default value.

This string can be passed to net.Dial.

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