Package dynamiccodec provides a type that can encode information using a just-in-time signing and (optionally) encryption secret.



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    type Codec

    type Codec struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Codec can dynamically encode and decode information by using a KeyFunc to get its keys just-in-time.

      func New

      func New(lifespan time.Duration, signingKeyFunc, encryptionKeyFunc KeyFunc) *Codec

        New creates a new Codec that will use the provided keyFuncs for its key source, and use the securecookie.JSONEncoder. The securecookie.JSONEncoder is used because the default securecookie.GobEncoder is less compact and more difficult to make forward compatible.

        The returned Codec will make ensure that the encoded values will only be valid for the provided lifespan.

        func (*Codec) Decode

        func (c *Codec) Decode(name string, value string, into interface{}) error

          Decode implements oidc.Decode().

          func (*Codec) Encode

          func (c *Codec) Encode(name string, value interface{}) (string, error)

            Encode implements oidc.Encode().

            type KeyFunc

            type KeyFunc func() []byte

              KeyFunc returns a single key: a symmetric key.

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