Package conciergeclient provides login helpers for the Pinniped concierge.



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    const ErrLoginFailed = constable.Error("login failed")

      ErrLoginFailed is returned by Client.ExchangeToken when the concierge server rejects the login request for any reason.


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      type Client

      type Client struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Client is a configuration for talking to the Pinniped concierge.

        func New

        func New(opts ...Option) (*Client, error)

          New validates the specified options and returns a newly initialized *Client.

          func (*Client) ExchangeToken

          func (c *Client) ExchangeToken(ctx context.Context, token string) (*clientauthenticationv1beta1.ExecCredential, error)

            ExchangeToken performs a TokenCredentialRequest against the Pinniped concierge and returns the result as an ExecCredential.

            type Option

            type Option func(*Client) error

              Option is an optional configuration for New().

              func WithAPIGroupSuffix

              func WithAPIGroupSuffix(apiGroupSuffix string) Option

                WithAPIGroupSuffix configures the concierge's API group suffix (e.g., "").

                func WithAuthenticator

                func WithAuthenticator(authType, authName string) Option

                  WithAuthenticator configures the authenticator reference (spec.authenticator) of the TokenCredentialRequests.

                  func WithBase64CABundle

                  func WithBase64CABundle(caBundleBase64 string) Option

                    WithBase64CABundle configures the base64-encoded, PEM-formatted TLS certificate authority to trust when connecting to the concierge.

                    func WithCABundle

                    func WithCABundle(caBundle string) Option

                      WithCABundle configures the PEM-formatted TLS certificate authority to trust when connecting to the concierge.

                      func WithEndpoint

                      func WithEndpoint(endpoint string) Option

                        WithEndpoint configures the base API endpoint URL of the concierge service (same as Kubernetes API server).