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const (
	APIPrefix = "/json/v1"

	MachineDescriptionRelativeURL           = "/machine/description/{id:.+}"
	MachineEventRelativeURL                 = "/machine/event/"
	PowerCycleCompleteRelativeURL           = "/powercycle/complete/{id:.+}"
	PowerCycleListRelativeURL               = "/powercycle/list"
	PowerCycleStateUpdateRelativeURL        = "/powercycle/state/update"
	SSEMachineDescriptionUpdatedRelativeURL = "/machine/sse/description/updated"

	MachineDescriptionURL           = APIPrefix + MachineDescriptionRelativeURL
	MachineEventURL                 = APIPrefix + MachineEventRelativeURL
	PowerCycleCompleteURL           = APIPrefix + PowerCycleCompleteRelativeURL
	PowerCycleListURL               = APIPrefix + PowerCycleListRelativeURL
	PowerCycleStateUpdateURL        = APIPrefix + PowerCycleStateUpdateRelativeURL
	SSEMachineDescriptionUpdatedURL = APIPrefix + SSEMachineDescriptionUpdatedRelativeURL

URL paths.


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type FrontendDescription

type FrontendDescription struct {
	MaintenanceMode     string
	IsQuarantined       bool
	Recovering          string
	AttachedDevice      machine.AttachedDevice
	Annotation          machine.Annotation
	Note                machine.Annotation
	Version             string
	PowerCycle          bool
	PowerCycleState     machine.PowerCycleState
	LastUpdated         time.Time
	Battery             int
	Temperature         map[string]float64
	RunningSwarmingTask bool
	LaunchedSwarming    bool
	DeviceUptime        int32
	SSHUserIP           string
	Dimensions          machine.SwarmingDimensions

FrontendDescription is the frontend representation of machine.Description. See that struct for details on the fields.

func ToFrontendDescription

func ToFrontendDescription(d machine.Description) FrontendDescription

ToFrontendDescription converts a machine.Description into a FrontendDescription.

func ToListMachinesResponse

func ToListMachinesResponse(descriptions []machine.Description) []FrontendDescription

ToListMachinesResponse converts []machine.Description into []FrontendDescription.

type ListMachinesResponse

type ListMachinesResponse []FrontendDescription

ListMachinesResponse is the full list of all known machines.

type ListPowerCycleResponse

type ListPowerCycleResponse []string

ListPowerCycleResponse is the list of machine ids that need powercycling.

func ToListPowerCycleResponse

func ToListPowerCycleResponse(machineIDs []string) ListPowerCycleResponse

ToListPowerCycleResponse converts the response from store.ListPowerCycle to a ListPowerCycleResponse.

type PowerCycleStateForMachine

type PowerCycleStateForMachine struct {
	MachineID       string
	PowerCycleState machine.PowerCycleState

type SetAttachedDevice

type SetAttachedDevice struct {
	AttachedDevice machine.AttachedDevice

type SetNoteRequest

type SetNoteRequest struct {
	Message string

type SupplyChromeOSRequest

type SupplyChromeOSRequest struct {
	SSHUserIP          string
	SuppliedDimensions machine.SwarmingDimensions

type UpdatePowerCycleStateRequest

type UpdatePowerCycleStateRequest struct {
	Machines []PowerCycleStateForMachine

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