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type Callable added in v1.19.0

type Callable interface {
	~Func | ~ErrorFunc | ~ContextFunc | ~ContextErrorFunc

A Callable is a constraint that matches functions that are, or can be converted to, functions suitable for a Hook.

Callable must be identical to [fx.HookFunc].

type ContextErrorFunc added in v1.19.0

type ContextErrorFunc = func(context.Context) error

A ContextErrorFunc is used as a [Hook.OnStart] or [Hook.OnStop] function.

func Wrap added in v1.19.0

func Wrap[T Callable](x T) (ContextErrorFunc, string)

Wrap wraps x into a ContextErrorFunc suitable for a Hook.

type ContextFunc added in v1.19.0

type ContextFunc = func(context.Context)

A ContextFunc can be converted to a ContextErrorFunc.

type ErrorFunc added in v1.19.0

type ErrorFunc = func() error

An ErrorFunc can be converted to a ContextErrorFunc.

type Func added in v1.19.0

type Func = func()

A Func can be converted to a ContextErrorFunc.

type Hook

type Hook struct {
	OnStart     func(context.Context) error
	OnStop      func(context.Context) error
	OnStartName string
	OnStopName  string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Hook is a pair of start and stop callbacks, either of which can be nil, plus a string identifying the supplier of the hook.

type HookRecord added in v1.14.0

type HookRecord struct {
	CallerFrame fxreflect.Frame             // stack frame of the caller
	Func        func(context.Context) error // function that ran as sanitized name
	Runtime     time.Duration               // how long the hook ran

HookRecord keeps track of each Hook's execution time, the caller that appended the Hook, and function that ran as the Hook.

type HookRecords added in v1.14.0

type HookRecords []HookRecord

HookRecords is a Stringer wrapper of HookRecord slice.

func (HookRecords) Format added in v1.14.0

func (rs HookRecords) Format(w fmt.State, c rune)

Format implements fmt.Formatter to handle "%+v".

func (HookRecords) Len added in v1.14.0

func (rs HookRecords) Len() int

func (HookRecords) Less added in v1.14.0

func (rs HookRecords) Less(i, j int) bool

func (HookRecords) String added in v1.14.0

func (rs HookRecords) String() string

Used for logging startup errors.

func (HookRecords) Swap added in v1.14.0

func (rs HookRecords) Swap(i, j int)

type Lifecycle

type Lifecycle struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Lifecycle coordinates application lifecycle hooks.

func New

func New(logger fxevent.Logger, clock fxclock.Clock) *Lifecycle

New constructs a new Lifecycle.

func (*Lifecycle) Append

func (l *Lifecycle) Append(hook Hook)

Append adds a Hook to the lifecycle.

func (*Lifecycle) RunningHookCaller added in v1.14.0

func (l *Lifecycle) RunningHookCaller() string

RunningHookCaller returns the name of the hook that was running when a Start/Stop hook timed out.

func (*Lifecycle) Start

func (l *Lifecycle) Start(ctx context.Context) error

Start runs all OnStart hooks, returning immediately if it encounters an error.

func (*Lifecycle) Stop

func (l *Lifecycle) Stop(ctx context.Context) error

Stop runs any OnStop hooks whose OnStart counterpart succeeded. OnStop hooks run in reverse order.

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