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Package jsonconfig defines a helper type for JSON objects to be used for configuration.



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func RegisterFunc

func RegisterFunc(name string, fn func(c *ConfigParser, v []interface{}) (interface{}, error))

RegisterFunc registers a new function that may be called from JSON configs using an array of the form ["_name", arg0, argN...]. The provided name must begin with an underscore.


type ConfigParser

type ConfigParser struct {

	// Open optionally specifies an opener function.
	Open func(filename string) (File, error)

	// IncludeDirs optionally specifies where to find the other config files which are child
	// objects of this config, if any. Even if nil, the working directory is always searched
	// first.
	IncludeDirs []string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfigParser specifies the environment for parsing a config file and evaluating expressions.

func (*ConfigParser) CheckTypes

func (c *ConfigParser) CheckTypes(m map[string]interface{}) error

CheckTypes parses m and returns an error if it encounters a type or value that is not supported by this package.

func (*ConfigParser) ConfigFilePath

func (c *ConfigParser) ConfigFilePath(configFile string) (path string, err error)

ConfigFilePath checks if configFile is found and returns a usable path to it. It first checks if configFile is an absolute path, or if it's found in the current working directory. If not, it then checks if configFile is in one of c.IncludeDirs. It returns an error if configFile is absolute and could not be statted, or os.ErrNotExist if configFile was not found.

func (*ConfigParser) ReadFile

func (c *ConfigParser) ReadFile(path string) (Obj, error)

ReadFile parses the provided path and returns the config file. If path is empty, the c.Open function must be defined.

type File

type File interface {
	Name() string

A File is the type returned by ConfigParser.Open.

type Obj

type Obj map[string]interface{}

Obj is a JSON configuration map.

func ReadFile

func ReadFile(configPath string) (Obj, error)

ReadFile reads JSON config data from the specified open file, expanding all expressions. Use *ConfigParser.ReadFile instead if you need to set c.IncludeDirs.

func (Obj) OptionalBool

func (jc Obj) OptionalBool(key string, def bool) bool

func (Obj) OptionalInt

func (jc Obj) OptionalInt(key string, def int) int

func (Obj) OptionalInt64

func (jc Obj) OptionalInt64(key string, def int64) int64

func (Obj) OptionalList

func (jc Obj) OptionalList(key string) []string

func (Obj) OptionalObject

func (jc Obj) OptionalObject(key string) Obj

func (Obj) OptionalString

func (jc Obj) OptionalString(key, def string) string

func (Obj) OptionalStringOrObject

func (jc Obj) OptionalStringOrObject(key string) interface{}

func (Obj) RequiredBool

func (jc Obj) RequiredBool(key string) bool

func (Obj) RequiredInt

func (jc Obj) RequiredInt(key string) int

func (Obj) RequiredInt64

func (jc Obj) RequiredInt64(key string) int64

func (Obj) RequiredList

func (jc Obj) RequiredList(key string) []string

func (Obj) RequiredObject

func (jc Obj) RequiredObject(key string) Obj

func (Obj) RequiredString

func (jc Obj) RequiredString(key string) string

func (Obj) RequiredStringOrObject

func (jc Obj) RequiredStringOrObject(key string) interface{}

func (Obj) UnknownKeys

func (jc Obj) UnknownKeys() []string

UnknownKeys returns the keys from the config that have not yet been discovered by one of the RequiredT or OptionalT calls.

func (Obj) Validate

func (jc Obj) Validate() error

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