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type Change

type Change struct {
	Message    string
	Compatible bool

A Change describes a single API change.

type Report

type Report struct {
	Changes []Change

Report describes the changes detected by Changes.

func Changes

func Changes(old, new *types.Package) Report

Changes reports on the differences between the APIs of the old and new packages. It classifies each difference as either compatible or incompatible (breaking.) For a detailed discussion of what constitutes an incompatible change, see the package documentation.

func (Report) String

func (r Report) String() string

func (Report) Text

func (r Report) Text(w io.Writer) error

func (Report) TextCompatible

func (r Report) TextCompatible(w io.Writer) error

func (Report) TextIncompatible

func (r Report) TextIncompatible(w io.Writer, withHeader bool) error

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