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Package maps defines various functions useful with maps of any type.



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func Clear

func Clear[M ~map[K]V, K comparable, V any](m M)

Clear removes all entries from m, leaving it empty.

func Clone

func Clone[M ~map[K]V, K comparable, V any](m M) M

Clone returns a copy of m. This is a shallow clone: the new keys and values are set using ordinary assignment.

func Copy

func Copy[M1 ~map[K]V, M2 ~map[K]V, K comparable, V any](dst M1, src M2)

Copy copies all key/value pairs in src adding them to dst. When a key in src is already present in dst, the value in dst will be overwritten by the value associated with the key in src.

func DeleteFunc

func DeleteFunc[M ~map[K]V, K comparable, V any](m M, del func(K, V) bool)

DeleteFunc deletes any key/value pairs from m for which del returns true.

func Equal

func Equal[M1, M2 ~map[K]V, K, V comparable](m1 M1, m2 M2) bool

Equal reports whether two maps contain the same key/value pairs. Values are compared using ==.

func EqualFunc

func EqualFunc[M1 ~map[K]V1, M2 ~map[K]V2, K comparable, V1, V2 any](m1 M1, m2 M2, eq func(V1, V2) bool) bool

EqualFunc is like Equal, but compares values using eq. Keys are still compared with ==.

func Keys

func Keys[M ~map[K]V, K comparable, V any](m M) []K

Keys returns the keys of the map m. The keys will be in an indeterminate order.

func Values

func Values[M ~map[K]V, K comparable, V any](m M) []V

Values returns the values of the map m. The values will be in an indeterminate order.


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