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Published: May 22, 2024 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 7 Imported by: 0



The chartconfig package defines the ChartConfig type, representing telemetry chart configuration, as well as utilities for parsing and validating this configuration.

Chart configuration defines the set of aggregations active on the telemetry server, and are used to derive which data needs to be uploaded by users. See the original blog post for more details:

The record format defined in this package differs slightly from that of the blog post. This format is still experimental, and subject to change.

Configuration records consist of fields, comments, and whitespace. A field is defined by a line starting with a valid key, followed immediately by ":", and then a textual value, which cannot include the comment separator '#'.

Comments start with '#', and extend to the end of the line.

The following keys are supported. Any entry not marked as (optional) must be provided.

  • title: the chart title.
  • description: (optional) a longer description of the chart.
  • issue: a go issue tracker URL proposing the chart configuration. Multiple issues may be provided by including additional 'issue:' lines. All proposals must be in the 'accepted' state.
  • type: the chart type: currently only partition, histogram, and stack are supported.
  • program: the package path of the program for which this chart applies.
  • version: (optional) the first version for which this chart applies. Must be a valid semver value.
  • counter: the primary counter this chart illustrates, including buckets for histogram and partition charts.
  • depth: (optional) stack counters only; the maximum stack depth to collect
  • error: (optional) the desired error rate for this chart, which determines collection rate

Multiple records are separated by "---" lines.

For example:

# This config defines an ordinary counter.
counter: gopls/editor:{emacs,vim,vscode,other} # TODO(golang/go#34567): add more editors
title: Editor Distribution
description: measure editor distribution for gopls users.
type: partition
version: v1.0.0
version: [v2.0.0, v2.3.4]
version: [v3.0.0, ]


# This config defines a stack counter.
counter: gopls/bug
title: Gopls bug reports.
description: Stacks of bugs encountered on the gopls server.
issue: # increase stack depth
type: stack
depth: 10



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func Raw

func Raw() []byte


type ChartConfig

type ChartConfig struct {
	Title       string
	Description string
	Issue       []string
	Type        string
	Program     string
	Counter     string
	Depth       int
	Error       float64 // TODO(rfindley) is Error still useful?
	Version     string

A ChartConfig defines the configuration for a single chart/collection on the telemetry server.

See the package documentation for field definitions.

func Load

func Load() ([]ChartConfig, error)

Load loads and parses the current chart config.

func Parse

func Parse(data []byte) ([]ChartConfig, error)

Parse parses ChartConfig records from the provided raw data, returning an error if the config has invalid syntax. See the package documentation for a description of the record syntax.

Even with correct syntax, the resulting chart config may not meet all the requirements described in the package doc. Call [Validate] to check whether the config data is coherent.

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