Package dca contains utils for implementing Device Certificate Authentication according to

    The overall logic for DCA is as follows: 1. If both endpoint override and client certificate are specified, use them as is. 2. If user does not specify client certificate, we will attempt to use default

    client certificate.

    3. If user does not specify endpoint override, we will use defaultMtlsEndpoint if

    client certificate is available and defaultEndpoint otherwise.

    Implications of the above logic: 1. If the user specifies a non-mTLS endpoint override but client certificate is

    available, we will pass along the cert anyway and let the server decide what to do.

    2. If the user specifies an mTLS endpoint override but client certificate is not

    available, we will not fail-fast, but let backend throw error when connecting.

    We would like to avoid introducing client-side logic that parses whether the endpoint override is an mTLS url, since the url pattern may change at anytime.

    This package is not intended for use by end developers. Use the package to configure API clients.



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    func GetClientCertificateSourceAndEndpoint

    func GetClientCertificateSourceAndEndpoint(settings *internal.DialSettings) (cert.Source, string, error)

      GetClientCertificateSourceAndEndpoint is a convenience function that invokes getClientCertificateSource and getEndpoint sequentially and returns the client cert source and endpoint as a tuple.


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