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Published: Jun 22, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package internal contains gRPC-internal code, to avoid polluting the godoc of the top-level grpc package. It must not import any grpc symbols to avoid circular dependencies.



const (
	// CredsBundleModeFallback switches GoogleDefaultCreds to fallback mode.
	CredsBundleModeFallback = "fallback"
	// CredsBundleModeBalancer switches GoogleDefaultCreds to grpclb balancer
	// mode.
	CredsBundleModeBalancer = "balancer"
	// CredsBundleModeBackendFromBalancer switches GoogleDefaultCreds to mode
	// that supports backend returned by grpclb balancer.
	CredsBundleModeBackendFromBalancer = "backend-from-balancer"


var (
	// WithHealthCheckFunc is set by dialoptions.go
	WithHealthCheckFunc interface{} // func (HealthChecker) DialOption
	// HealthCheckFunc is used to provide client-side LB channel health checking
	HealthCheckFunc HealthChecker
	// BalancerUnregister is exported by package balancer to unregister a balancer.
	BalancerUnregister func(name string)
	// KeepaliveMinPingTime is the minimum ping interval.  This must be 10s by
	// default, but tests may wish to set it lower for convenience.
	KeepaliveMinPingTime = 10 * time.Second
	// NewRequestInfoContext creates a new context based on the argument context attaching
	// the passed in RequestInfo to the new context.
	NewRequestInfoContext interface{} // func(context.Context, credentials.RequestInfo) context.Context
	// NewClientHandshakeInfoContext returns a copy of the input context with
	// the passed in ClientHandshakeInfo struct added to it.
	NewClientHandshakeInfoContext interface{} // func(context.Context, credentials.ClientHandshakeInfo) context.Context
	// ParseServiceConfigForTesting is for creating a fake
	// ClientConn for resolver testing only
	ParseServiceConfigForTesting interface{} // func(string) *serviceconfig.ParseResult
	// EqualServiceConfigForTesting is for testing service config generation and
	// parsing. Both a and b should be returned by ParseServiceConfigForTesting.
	// This function compares the config without rawJSON stripped, in case the
	// there's difference in white space.
	EqualServiceConfigForTesting func(a, b serviceconfig.Config) bool

type HealthChecker

type HealthChecker func(ctx context.Context, newStream func(string) (interface{}, error), setConnectivityState func(connectivity.State, error), serviceName string) error

HealthChecker defines the signature of the client-side LB channel health checking function.

The implementation is expected to create a health checking RPC stream by calling newStream(), watch for the health status of serviceName, and report it's health back by calling setConnectivityState().

The health checking protocol is defined at:

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