Package internal contains common core functionality for ALTS.



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var PeerNotRespondingError = &peerNotRespondingError{}

PeerNotRespondingError is returned when a peer server is not responding after a channel has been established. It is treated as a temporary connection error and re-connection to the server should be attempted.


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type Handshaker

type Handshaker interface {
	// ClientHandshake starts and completes a client-side handshaking and
	// returns a secure connection and corresponding auth information.
	ClientHandshake(ctx context.Context) (net.Conn, credentials.AuthInfo, error)
	// ServerHandshake starts and completes a server-side handshaking and
	// returns a secure connection and corresponding auth information.
	ServerHandshake(ctx context.Context) (net.Conn, credentials.AuthInfo, error)
	// Close terminates the Handshaker. It should be called when the caller
	// obtains the secure connection.

Handshaker defines a ALTS handshaker interface.

type Side

type Side int

Side identifies the party's role: client or server.

const (
	// ClientSide identifies the client in this communication.
	ClientSide Side = iota
	// ServerSide identifies the server in this communication.

Source Files


Path Synopsis
authinfo Package authinfo provide authentication information returned by handshakers.
conn Package conn contains an implementation of a secure channel created by gRPC handshakers.
handshaker Package handshaker provides ALTS handshaking functionality for GCP.
handshaker/service Package service manages connections between the VM application and the ALTS handshaker service.
testutil Package testutil include useful test utilities for the handshaker.