Package pemfile provides a file watching certificate provider plugin implementation which works for files with PEM contents.


Notice: All APIs in this package are experimental and may be removed in a later release.



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func NewProvider

func NewProvider(o Options) (certprovider.Provider, error)

NewProvider returns a new certificate provider plugin that is configured to watch the PEM files specified in the passed in options.


type Options

type Options struct {
	// CertFile is the file that holds the identity certificate.
	// Optional. If this is set, KeyFile must also be set.
	CertFile string
	// KeyFile is the file that holds identity private key.
	// Optional. If this is set, CertFile must also be set.
	KeyFile string
	// RootFile is the file that holds trusted root certificate(s).
	// Optional.
	RootFile string
	// RefreshDuration is the amount of time the plugin waits before checking
	// for updates in the specified files.
	// Optional. If not set, a default value (1 hour) will be used.
	RefreshDuration time.Duration

Options configures a certificate provider plugin that watches a specified set of files that contain certificates and keys in PEM format.