Package xds contains an implementation of the xDS suite of protocols, to be used by gRPC client and server applications.

On the client-side, users simply need to import this package to get all xDS functionality. On the server-side, users need to use the GRPCServer type exported by this package instead of the regular grpc.Server.

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type GRPCServer

type GRPCServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GRPCServer wraps a gRPC server and provides server-side xDS functionality, by communication with a management server using xDS APIs. It implements the grpc.ServiceRegistrar interface and can be passed to service registration functions in IDL generated code.


Notice: This type is EXPERIMENTAL and may be changed or removed in a later release.

func NewGRPCServer

func NewGRPCServer(opts ...grpc.ServerOption) *GRPCServer

NewGRPCServer creates an xDS-enabled gRPC server using the passed in opts. The underlying gRPC server has no service registered and has not started to accept requests yet.


Notice: This API is EXPERIMENTAL and may be changed or removed in a later release.

func (*GRPCServer) GracefulStop

func (s *GRPCServer) GracefulStop()

GracefulStop stops the underlying gRPC server gracefully. It stops the server from accepting new connections and RPCs and blocks until all the pending RPCs are finished.

func (*GRPCServer) RegisterService

func (s *GRPCServer) RegisterService(sd *grpc.ServiceDesc, ss interface{})

RegisterService registers a service and its implementation to the underlying gRPC server. It is called from the IDL generated code. This must be called before invoking Serve.

func (*GRPCServer) Serve

func (s *GRPCServer) Serve(lis net.Listener) error

Serve gets the underlying gRPC server to accept incoming connections on the listener lis, which is expected to be listening on a TCP port.

A connection to the management server, to receive xDS configuration, is initiated here.

Serve will return a non-nil error unless Stop or GracefulStop is called.

func (*GRPCServer) Stop

func (s *GRPCServer) Stop()

Stop stops the underlying gRPC server. It immediately closes all open connections. It cancels all active RPCs on the server side and the corresponding pending RPCs on the client side will get notified by connection errors.


Path Synopsis
internal Package internal contains functions/structs shared by xds balancers/resolvers.
internal/balancer Package balancer installs all the xds balancers.
internal/balancer/balancergroup Package balancergroup implements a utility struct to bind multiple balancers into one balancer.
internal/balancer/cdsbalancer Package cdsbalancer implements a balancer to handle CDS responses.
internal/balancer/clustermanager Package clustermanager implements the cluster manager LB policy for xds.
internal/balancer/edsbalancer Package edsbalancer contains EDS balancer implementation.
internal/balancer/lrs Package lrs implements load reporting balancer for xds.
internal/balancer/orca Package orca implements Open Request Cost Aggregation.
internal/balancer/priority Package priority implements the priority balancer.
internal/balancer/weightedtarget Package weightedtarget implements the weighted_target balancer.
internal/balancer/weightedtarget/weightedaggregator Package weightedaggregator implements state aggregator for weighted_target balancer.
internal/client Package client implementation a full fledged gRPC client for the xDS API used by the xds resolver and balancer implementations.
internal/client/bootstrap Package bootstrap provides the functionality to initialize certain aspects of an xDS client by reading a bootstrap file.
internal/client/load Package load provides functionality to record and maintain load data.
internal/client/v2 Package v2 provides xDS v2 transport protocol specific functionality.
internal/client/v3 Package v3 provides xDS v3 transport protocol specific functionality.
internal/env Package env acts a single source of definition for all environment variables related to the xDS implementation in gRPC.
internal/resolver Package resolver implements the xds resolver, that does LDS and RDS to find the cluster to use.
internal/testutils Package testutils provides utility types, for use in xds tests.
internal/testutils/e2e Package e2e provides utilities for end2end testing of xDS functionality.
internal/testutils/fakeclient Package fakeclient provides a fake implementation of an xDS client.
internal/testutils/fakeserver Package fakeserver provides a fake implementation of the management server.
internal/version Package version defines constants to distinguish between supported xDS API versions.