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Package status implements errors returned by gRPC. These errors are serialized and transmitted on the wire between server and client, and allow for additional data to be transmitted via the Details field in the status proto. gRPC service handlers should return an error created by this package, and gRPC clients should expect a corresponding error to be returned from the RPC call.

This package upholds the invariants that a non-nil error may not contain an OK code, and an OK code must result in a nil error.



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func Err

func Err(c codes.Code, msg string) error

Err returns an error representing c and msg. If c is OK, returns nil.

func Errorf

func Errorf(c codes.Code, format string, a ...any) error

Errorf returns Error(c, fmt.Sprintf(format, a...)).

func IsRestrictedControlPlaneCode added in v1.51.0

func IsRestrictedControlPlaneCode(s *Status) bool

IsRestrictedControlPlaneCode returns whether the status includes a code restricted for control plane usage as defined by gRFC A54.


type Error

type Error struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Error wraps a pointer of a status proto. It implements error and Status, and a nil *Error should never be returned by this package.

func (*Error) Error

func (e *Error) Error() string

func (*Error) GRPCStatus

func (e *Error) GRPCStatus() *Status

GRPCStatus returns the Status represented by se.

func (*Error) Is

func (e *Error) Is(target error) bool

Is implements future error.Is functionality. A Error is equivalent if the code and message are identical.

type Status

type Status struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Status represents an RPC status code, message, and details. It is immutable and should be created with New, Newf, or FromProto.

func FromProto

func FromProto(s *spb.Status) *Status

FromProto returns a Status representing s.

func New

func New(c codes.Code, msg string) *Status

New returns a Status representing c and msg.

func NewWithProto added in v1.59.0

func NewWithProto(code codes.Code, message string, statusProto []string) *Status

NewWithProto returns a new status including details from statusProto. This is meant to be used by the gRPC library only.

func Newf

func Newf(c codes.Code, format string, a ...any) *Status

Newf returns New(c, fmt.Sprintf(format, a...)).

func (*Status) Code

func (s *Status) Code() codes.Code

Code returns the status code contained in s.

func (*Status) Details

func (s *Status) Details() []any

Details returns a slice of details messages attached to the status. If a detail cannot be decoded, the error is returned in place of the detail.

func (*Status) Err

func (s *Status) Err() error

Err returns an immutable error representing s; returns nil if s.Code() is OK.

func (*Status) Message

func (s *Status) Message() string

Message returns the message contained in s.

func (*Status) Proto

func (s *Status) Proto() *spb.Status

Proto returns s's status as an spb.Status proto message.

func (*Status) String added in v1.40.0

func (s *Status) String() string

func (*Status) WithDetails

func (s *Status) WithDetails(details ...protoadapt.MessageV1) (*Status, error)

WithDetails returns a new status with the provided details messages appended to the status. If any errors are encountered, it returns nil and the first error encountered.

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