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Published: Jun 22, 2020 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module:


Package errors implements functions to manipulate errors.



var Error = errors.New("protobuf error")

Error is a sentinel matching all errors produced by this package.

func InvalidUTF8

func InvalidUTF8(name string) error

func Is

func Is(err, target error) bool

Is is errors.Is.

func New

func New(f string, x ...interface{}) error

New formats a string according to the format specifier and arguments and returns an error that has a "proto" prefix.

func RequiredNotSet

func RequiredNotSet(name string) error

func Wrap

func Wrap(err error, f string, x ...interface{}) error

Wrap returns an error that has a "proto" prefix, the formatted string described by the format specifier and arguments, and a suffix of err. The error wraps err.

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