Package protobuild constructs messages.

This package is used to construct multiple types of message with a similar shape from a common template.



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const Unknown = "@unknown"

Unknown is a key associated with the unknown fields of a message. The value should be a []byte.


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type Message

type Message map[pref.Name]Value

A Message is a template to apply to a message. Keys are field names, including extension names.

func (Message) Build

func (template Message) Build(m pref.Message)

Build applies the template to a message.

type Value

type Value interface{}

A Value is a value assignable to a field. A Value may be a value accepted by protoreflect.ValueOf. In addition:

• An int may be assigned to any numeric field.

• A float64 may be assigned to a double field.

• Either a string or []byte may be assigned to a string or bytes field.

• A string containing the value name may be assigned to an enum field.

• A slice may be assigned to a list, and a map may be assigned to a map.

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