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func UserAgent

func UserAgent() string

func Version

func Version() string


type APIError

type APIError = original.APIError

type Address

type Address = original.Address

type BaseClient

type BaseClient = original.BaseClient

func New

func New(endpoint string) BaseClient

func NewWithoutDefaults

func NewWithoutDefaults(endpoint string) BaseClient

type Body

type Body = original.Body

type Candidate

type Candidate = original.Candidate

type Classification

type Classification = original.Classification

type ClassificationCategory1

type ClassificationCategory1 = original.ClassificationCategory1

type ClassificationCategory2

type ClassificationCategory2 = original.ClassificationCategory2

type ClassificationCategory3

type ClassificationCategory3 = original.ClassificationCategory3

type Content

type Content = original.Content

type CreateReviewBodyItem

type CreateReviewBodyItem = original.CreateReviewBodyItem

type CreateReviewBodyItemMetadataItem

type CreateReviewBodyItemMetadataItem = original.CreateReviewBodyItemMetadataItem

type CreateVideoReviewsBodyItem

type CreateVideoReviewsBodyItem = original.CreateVideoReviewsBodyItem

type DetectedLanguage

type DetectedLanguage = original.DetectedLanguage

type DetectedTerms

type DetectedTerms = original.DetectedTerms

type Email

type Email = original.Email

type Error

type Error = original.Error

type Evaluate

type Evaluate = original.Evaluate

type Face

type Face = original.Face

type FoundFaces

type FoundFaces = original.FoundFaces

type Frame

type Frame = original.Frame

type Frames

type Frames = original.Frames

type IPA

type IPA = original.IPA

type Image

type Image = original.Image

type ImageAdditionalInfoItem

type ImageAdditionalInfoItem = original.ImageAdditionalInfoItem

type ImageIds

type ImageIds = original.ImageIds

type ImageList

type ImageList = original.ImageList

type ImageModerationClient

type ImageModerationClient = original.ImageModerationClient

func NewImageModerationClient

func NewImageModerationClient(endpoint string) ImageModerationClient

type ImageURL

type ImageURL = original.ImageURL

type Job

type Job = original.Job

type JobExecutionReportDetails

type JobExecutionReportDetails = original.JobExecutionReportDetails

type JobID

type JobID = original.JobID

type JobListResult

type JobListResult = original.JobListResult

type KeyValuePair

type KeyValuePair = original.KeyValuePair

type ListImageList

type ListImageList = original.ListImageList

type ListManagementImageClient

type ListManagementImageClient = original.ListManagementImageClient

func NewListManagementImageClient

func NewListManagementImageClient(endpoint string) ListManagementImageClient

type ListManagementImageListsClient

type ListManagementImageListsClient = original.ListManagementImageListsClient

func NewListManagementImageListsClient

func NewListManagementImageListsClient(endpoint string) ListManagementImageListsClient

type ListManagementTermClient

type ListManagementTermClient = original.ListManagementTermClient

func NewListManagementTermClient

func NewListManagementTermClient(endpoint string) ListManagementTermClient

type ListManagementTermListsClient

type ListManagementTermListsClient = original.ListManagementTermListsClient

func NewListManagementTermListsClient

func NewListManagementTermListsClient(endpoint string) ListManagementTermListsClient

type ListString

type ListString = original.ListString

type ListTermList

type ListTermList = original.ListTermList

type Match

type Match = original.Match

type MatchResponse

type MatchResponse = original.MatchResponse

type OCR

type OCR = original.OCR

type PII

type PII = original.PII

type Phone

type Phone = original.Phone

type RefreshIndex

type RefreshIndex = original.RefreshIndex

type Review

type Review = original.Review

type ReviewsClient

type ReviewsClient = original.ReviewsClient

func NewReviewsClient

func NewReviewsClient(endpoint string) ReviewsClient

type SSN

type SSN = original.SSN

type Screen

type Screen = original.Screen

type Status

type Status = original.Status

type StatusEnum

type StatusEnum = original.StatusEnum
const (
	Complete    StatusEnum = original.Complete
	Pending     StatusEnum = original.Pending
	Unpublished StatusEnum = original.Unpublished

func PossibleStatusEnumValues

func PossibleStatusEnumValues() []StatusEnum

type String

type String = original.String

type Tag

type Tag = original.Tag

type TermList

type TermList = original.TermList

type Terms

type Terms = original.Terms

type TermsData

type TermsData = original.TermsData

type TermsInList

type TermsInList = original.TermsInList

type TermsPaging

type TermsPaging = original.TermsPaging

type TextModerationClient

type TextModerationClient = original.TextModerationClient

func NewTextModerationClient

func NewTextModerationClient(endpoint string) TextModerationClient

type TranscriptModerationBodyItem

type TranscriptModerationBodyItem = original.TranscriptModerationBodyItem

type Type

type Type = original.Type
const (
	TypeImage Type = original.TypeImage
	TypeText  Type = original.TypeText

func PossibleTypeValues

func PossibleTypeValues() []Type

type VideoFrameBodyItem

type VideoFrameBodyItem = original.VideoFrameBodyItem

type VideoFrameBodyItemMetadataItem

type VideoFrameBodyItemMetadataItem = original.VideoFrameBodyItemMetadataItem


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