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const (
	DefaultBaseURI = original.DefaultBaseURI


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func UserAgent

func UserAgent() string

func Version

func Version() string


type BaseClient

type BaseClient = original.BaseClient

func New

func New(subscriptionID string) BaseClient

func NewWithBaseURI

func NewWithBaseURI(baseURI string, subscriptionID string) BaseClient

type DataSource

type DataSource = original.DataSource

type DataSourceFilter

type DataSourceFilter = original.DataSourceFilter

type DataSourceListResult

type DataSourceListResult = original.DataSourceListResult

type DataSourcesClient

type DataSourcesClient = original.DataSourcesClient

func NewDataSourcesClient

func NewDataSourcesClient(subscriptionID string) DataSourcesClient

func NewDataSourcesClientWithBaseURI

func NewDataSourcesClientWithBaseURI(baseURI string, subscriptionID string) DataSourcesClient

type EntityStatus

type EntityStatus = original.EntityStatus

func PossibleEntityStatusValues

func PossibleEntityStatusValues() []EntityStatus

type IntelligencePack

type IntelligencePack = original.IntelligencePack

type LinkedService

type LinkedService = original.LinkedService

type LinkedServiceListResult

type LinkedServiceListResult = original.LinkedServiceListResult

type LinkedServiceProperties

type LinkedServiceProperties = original.LinkedServiceProperties

type LinkedServicesClient

type LinkedServicesClient = original.LinkedServicesClient

func NewLinkedServicesClient

func NewLinkedServicesClient(subscriptionID string) LinkedServicesClient

func NewLinkedServicesClientWithBaseURI

func NewLinkedServicesClientWithBaseURI(baseURI string, subscriptionID string) LinkedServicesClient

type ListIntelligencePack

type ListIntelligencePack = original.ListIntelligencePack

type ManagementGroup

type ManagementGroup = original.ManagementGroup

type ManagementGroupProperties

type ManagementGroupProperties = original.ManagementGroupProperties

type MetricName

type MetricName = original.MetricName

type Operation

type Operation = original.Operation

type OperationDisplay

type OperationDisplay = original.OperationDisplay

type OperationListResult

type OperationListResult = original.OperationListResult

type OperationsClient

type OperationsClient = original.OperationsClient

func NewOperationsClient

func NewOperationsClient(subscriptionID string) OperationsClient

func NewOperationsClientWithBaseURI

func NewOperationsClientWithBaseURI(baseURI string, subscriptionID string) OperationsClient

type ProxyResource

type ProxyResource = original.ProxyResource

type Resource

type Resource = original.Resource

type SharedKeys

type SharedKeys = original.SharedKeys

type Sku

type Sku = original.Sku

type SkuNameEnum

type SkuNameEnum = original.SkuNameEnum

func PossibleSkuNameEnumValues

func PossibleSkuNameEnumValues() []SkuNameEnum

type UsageMetric

type UsageMetric = original.UsageMetric

type Workspace

type Workspace = original.Workspace

type WorkspaceListResult

type WorkspaceListResult = original.WorkspaceListResult

type WorkspaceListUsagesResult

type WorkspaceListUsagesResult = original.WorkspaceListUsagesResult

type WorkspaceProperties

type WorkspaceProperties = original.WorkspaceProperties

type WorkspacesClient

type WorkspacesClient = original.WorkspacesClient

func NewWorkspacesClient

func NewWorkspacesClient(subscriptionID string) WorkspacesClient

func NewWorkspacesClientWithBaseURI

func NewWorkspacesClientWithBaseURI(baseURI string, subscriptionID string) WorkspacesClient

type WorkspacesCreateOrUpdateFuture

type WorkspacesCreateOrUpdateFuture = original.WorkspacesCreateOrUpdateFuture

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