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func Execute

func Execute()

Execute executes the specified command.


type CommandFlags

type CommandFlags struct {
	CopyRepo            bool
	Debug               bool
	OnlyAdditions       bool
	OnlyBreakingChanges bool
	Quiet               bool
	SuppressReport      bool
	Verbose             bool

CommandFlags is used to specify flags when invoking commands programatically.

type CommitPkgsReport

type CommitPkgsReport struct {
	AffectedPackages map[string]pkgsList   `json:"affectedPackages"`
	BreakingChanges  []string              `json:"breakingChanges,omitempty"`
	CommitsReports   map[string]pkgsReport `json:"deltas"`

CommitPkgsReport represents a collection of reports, one for each commit hash.

func ExecPackagesCmd

func ExecPackagesCmd(pkgDir string, commitSeq string, flags CommandFlags) (CommitPkgsReport, error)

ExecPackagesCmd is the programmatic interface for the packages command.

func (CommitPkgsReport) HasAdditiveChanges

func (c CommitPkgsReport) HasAdditiveChanges() bool

HasAdditiveChanges returns true if the package contains additive changes.

func (CommitPkgsReport) HasBreakingChanges

func (c CommitPkgsReport) HasBreakingChanges() bool

HasBreakingChanges returns true if the report contains breaking changes.

func (CommitPkgsReport) IsEmpty

func (c CommitPkgsReport) IsEmpty() bool

IsEmpty returns true if the report contains no data.

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