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type CherryCommit

type CherryCommit struct {
	// Hash is the SHA1 of the commit.
	Hash string

	// Found indicates if the commit was found in the upstream branch.
	Found bool

CherryCommit contains an entry returned by the "git cherry" command.

type WorkingTree

type WorkingTree struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

WorkingTree encapsulates a git repository.

func Get

func Get(dir string) (wt WorkingTree, err error)

Get returns a WorkingTree for the specified directory. If the directory is not the root of a git repository the directory hierarchy is walked to find the root (i.e. the directory where the .git dir resides).

func (WorkingTree) Branch

func (wt WorkingTree) Branch() (string, error)

Branch calls "git branch" to determine the current branch.

func (WorkingTree) Checkout

func (wt WorkingTree) Checkout(tree string) error

Checkout calls "git checkout" with the specified tree.

func (WorkingTree) Cherry

func (wt WorkingTree) Cherry(upstream string) ([]CherryCommit, error)

Cherry calls "git cherry" with the specified value for upstream. Returns a slice of commits yet to be applied to the specified upstream branch.

func (WorkingTree) CherryPick

func (wt WorkingTree) CherryPick(commit string) error

CherryPick calls "git cherry-pick" with the specified commit.

func (WorkingTree) Clone

func (wt WorkingTree) Clone(dest string) (result WorkingTree, err error)

Clone calls "git clone", cloning the working tree into the specified directory. The returned WorkingTree points to the clone of the repository.

func (WorkingTree) CreateAndCheckout

func (wt WorkingTree) CreateAndCheckout(branch string) error

CreateAndCheckout create and checkout to a new branch

func (WorkingTree) CreateTag

func (wt WorkingTree) CreateTag(name string) error

CreateTag calls "git tag <name>" to create the specified tag.

func (WorkingTree) DeleteBranch

func (wt WorkingTree) DeleteBranch(branchName string) error

DeleteBranch call "git branch -d branchname" to delete a local branch.

func (WorkingTree) ListTags

func (wt WorkingTree) ListTags(pattern string) ([]string, error)

ListTags calls "git tag -l <pattern>" to obtain the list of tags. If there are no tags the returned slice will have zero length. Tags are sorted in lexographic ascending order.

func (WorkingTree) Pull

func (wt WorkingTree) Pull(upstream, branch string) error

Pull calls "git pull upstream branch" to update local working tree.

func (WorkingTree) Root

func (wt WorkingTree) Root() string

Root returns the root directory of the working tree.

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