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type Changelog

type Changelog struct {
	PackageName    string
	NewPackage     bool
	RemovedPackage bool
	Modified       *report.Package

Changelog describes a changelog of the package during this generation

func NewChangelogForPackage

func NewChangelogForPackage(pkgDir string) (c *Changelog, err error)

NewChangelogForPackage returns the changelog for the given pkgDir. This function must be used when the new changes are generated, but not committed to git This function will first fetch all the exported content of the given package Then it add everything to git and then do a `git stash`, temporary revert the package to the previous state and fetch all the exported content of the given package again compare and generate a changelog report for the package This function will undo all the git changes before return

func (Changelog) HasBreakingChanges

func (c Changelog) HasBreakingChanges() bool

HasBreakingChanges returns if this report of changelog contains breaking changes

func (Changelog) String

func (c Changelog) String() string

func (Changelog) ToMarkdown

func (c Changelog) ToMarkdown() string

ToMarkdown returns the markdown string of this changelog

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