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func CreateModuleNameFromPath

func CreateModuleNameFromPath(pkgDir string) (string, error)

CreateModuleNameFromPath creates a module name from the provided path.

func FindVersionSuffix

func FindVersionSuffix(path string) string

FindVersionSuffix returns the version suffix or the empty string.

func GetModuleSubdirs

func GetModuleSubdirs(path string) ([]string, error)

GetModuleSubdirs returns all subdirectories under path that correspond to module major versions. The subdirectories are sorted according to semantic version.

func HasVersionSuffix

func HasVersionSuffix(path string) bool

HasVersionSuffix returns true if the specified path has a version suffix in the form vN.

func IncrementModuleVersion

func IncrementModuleVersion(ver string) string

IncrementModuleVersion increments the passed in module major version by one. E.g. a provided value of "v2" will return "v3". If ver is "" the return value is "v2".

func IsValidModuleVersion

func IsValidModuleVersion(v string) bool

IsValidModuleVersion returns true if the provided string is a valid module version (e.g. v1.2.3).


type Provider

type Provider interface {
	DestDir() string
	NewExports() bool
	BreakingChanges() bool
	VersionSuffix() bool
	NewModule() bool
	GenerateReport() report.Package

Provider provides information about a module staged for release.

func GetModuleInfo

func GetModuleInfo(baseline, staged string) (Provider, error)

GetModuleInfo collects information about a module staged for release. baseline is the directory for the current module staged is the directory for the module staged for release

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