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const UTIL_FILE = "primitive.go"


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func DeserializeRecordSchema

func DeserializeRecordSchema(packageName string, schemaJson []byte, pkg *Package) error

    Deserialize the JSON definiton of a record and generate structs, deserializer and serializer methods. This function only supports JSON maps at the moment, where "type" -> "record". Avro also allows for schemas which are JSON arrays or JSON strings, but we don't currently support those as the root JSON type.


    type File

    type File struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Represents a Go source file in the output package

      func NewFile

      func NewFile(name string) *File

      func (*File) Functions

      func (f *File) Functions() []FunctionName

      func (*File) Imports

      func (f *File) Imports() []string

      func (*File) Structs

      func (f *File) Structs() []string

      type FunctionName

      type FunctionName struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      type FunctionNameList

      type FunctionNameList []FunctionName

        Implement the Sortable interface for FunctionNames

        func (FunctionNameList) Len

        func (f FunctionNameList) Len() int

        func (FunctionNameList) Less

        func (f FunctionNameList) Less(i, j int) bool

          Sort functions by the struct to which they're attached first, then the name of the method itself. If the function isn't attached to a struct, put it at the bottom

          func (FunctionNameList) Swap

          func (f FunctionNameList) Swap(i, j int)

          type Package

          type Package struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Represents the output package

            func NewPackage

            func NewPackage(name string) *Package

            func (*Package) File

            func (p *Package) File(name string) (*File, bool)

            func (*Package) Files

            func (p *Package) Files() []string

            func (*Package) WriteFiles

            func (p *Package) WriteFiles(targetDir string) error

            type RequiredMapKeyError

            type RequiredMapKeyError struct {
            	Key string

            func NewRequiredMapKeyError

            func NewRequiredMapKeyError(key string) *RequiredMapKeyError

            func (*RequiredMapKeyError) Error

            func (r *RequiredMapKeyError) Error() string

            type SchemaError

            type SchemaError struct {
            	FieldName   string
            	NestedError error

            func NewSchemaError

            func NewSchemaError(fieldName string, err error) *SchemaError

            func (*SchemaError) Error

            func (s *SchemaError) Error() string

            type WrongMapValueTypeError

            type WrongMapValueTypeError struct {
            	Key          string
            	ExpectedType string
            	ActualValue  interface{}

            func NewWrongMapValueTypeError

            func NewWrongMapValueTypeError(key, expectedType string, actualValue interface{}) *WrongMapValueTypeError

            func (*WrongMapValueTypeError) Error

            func (w *WrongMapValueTypeError) Error() string