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Published: Nov 2, 2018 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 12 Imported by: 0


This code demonstrates how to use multiple mangos sockets on a single
WebSocket port, sharing an http server instance between a REQ/REP socket,
a PUB/SUB socket, and a static handler.

See the run.sh script for instructions as to how to run it.



websocket implements a simple websocket server for mangos, demonstrating how to use multiplex multiple sockets on a single HTTP server instance.

The server listens, and offers three paths:

- sub/    - SUB socket, publishes a message "BING!" once per second
- req/    - REQ socket, responds with a reply "REPLY"
- static/ - static content, provided as ASCII "STATIC"

To use:

$ go build .
$ url=tcp://
$ ./websocket server $url & pid=$! && sleep 1
$ ./websocket req $url
$ ./websocket sub $url
$ ./websocket static $url
$ kill $pid

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