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func Associate

func Associate(kubeClient clientset.Interface, namespace *kapi.Namespace) (*kapi.Namespace, error)

Associate adds the origin finalizer to spec.finalizers if its not there already

func Associated

func Associated(namespace *kapi.Namespace) bool

Associated returns true if the spec.finalizers contains the origin finalizer

func ConvertNamespace added in v1.3.0

func ConvertNamespace(namespace *kapi.Namespace) *api.Project

ConvertNamespace transforms a Namespace into a Project

func ConvertNamespaceList added in v1.3.0

func ConvertNamespaceList(namespaceList *kapi.NamespaceList) *api.ProjectList

ConvertNamespaceList transforms a NamespaceList into a ProjectList

func ConvertProject added in v1.3.0

func ConvertProject(project *api.Project) *kapi.Namespace

convertProject transforms a Project into a Namespace

func Finalize

func Finalize(kubeClient clientset.Interface, namespace *kapi.Namespace) (result *kapi.Namespace, err error)

Finalize will remove the origin finalizer from the namespace

func Finalized

func Finalized(namespace *kapi.Namespace) bool

Finalized returns true if the spec.finalizers does not contain the origin finalizer


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