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Published: Apr 28, 2017 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 5 Imported by: 0



Package extensions defines cryptographic extensions for OpenShift. This package contains x509 extension object identifier constants and helpers for generating certificates on an OpenShift cluster.



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var (
	// RedHatOID is the IANA assigned ObjectIdentifier for Red Hat Inc.
	RedHatOID = asn1.ObjectIdentifier{1, 3, 6, 1, 4, 1, 2312}
	// OpenShiftOID is the Red Hat assigned OID arc for OpenShift.
	OpenShiftOID = oid(RedHatOID, 17)
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var (
	// OpenShiftServerSigningOID is the OpenShift assigned OID arc for certificates signed by the OpenShift server.
	OpenShiftServerSigningOID = oid(OpenShiftOID, 100)
	// OpenShiftServerSigningServiceOID describes the IANA arc for extensions to server certificates generated by the
	// OpenShift service signing mechanism. All elements in this arc should only be used when signing server certificates
	// for use under a service.
	OpenShiftServerSigningServiceOID = oid(OpenShiftServerSigningOID, 2)
	// OpenShiftServerSigningServiceUIDOID is an x509 extension that is applied to server certificates generated for services
	// representing the UID of the service this certificate was generated for. This value is not guaranteed to match the
	// current service UID if the certificates are in the process of being rotated out. The value MUST be an ASN.1
	// PrintableString or UTF8String.
	OpenShiftServerSigningServiceUIDOID = oid(OpenShiftServerSigningServiceOID, 1)


func ServiceServerCertificateExtension

func ServiceServerCertificateExtension(svc *kapi.Service) crypto.CertificateExtensionFunc

ServiceServerCertificateExtension returns a CertificateExtensionFunc that will add the service UID as an x509 v3 extension to the server certificate.


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