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var (
	SchemeBuilder = runtime.NewSchemeBuilder(addKnownTypes, addConversionFuncs, addDefaultingFuncs)
	AddToScheme   = SchemeBuilder.AddToScheme
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var SchemeGroupVersion = unversioned.GroupVersion{Group: "", Version: "v1"}

SchemeGroupVersion is group version used to register these objects


func SetDefaults_ImagePolicyConfig

func SetDefaults_ImagePolicyConfig(obj *ImagePolicyConfig)


type GroupResource

type GroupResource struct {
	// Resource is the name of an admission resource to process, e.g. 'statefulsets'.
	Resource string `json:"resource"`
	// Group is the name of the group the resource is in, e.g. 'apps'.
	Group string `json:"group"`

GroupResource represents a resource in a specific group.

func (GroupResource) SwaggerDoc

func (GroupResource) SwaggerDoc() map[string]string

type ImageCondition

type ImageCondition struct {
	// Name is the name of this policy rule for reference. It must be unique across all rules.
	Name string `json:"name"`
	// IgnoreNamespaceOverride prevents this condition from being overridden when the
	// `alpha.image.policy.openshift.io/ignore-rules` is set on a namespace and contains this rule name.
	IgnoreNamespaceOverride bool `json:"ignoreNamespaceOverride"`

	// OnResources determines which resources this applies to. Defaults to 'pods' for ImageExecutionPolicyRules.
	OnResources []GroupResource `json:"onResources"`

	// InvertMatch means the value of the condition is logically inverted (true -> false, false -> true).
	InvertMatch bool `json:"invertMatch"`

	// MatchIntegratedRegistry will only match image sources that originate from the configured integrated
	// registry.
	MatchIntegratedRegistry bool `json:"matchIntegratedRegistry"`
	// MatchRegistries will match image references that point to the provided registries. The image registry
	// must match at least one of these strings.
	MatchRegistries []string `json:"matchRegistries"`

	// SkipOnResolutionFailure allows the subsequent conditions to be bypassed if the integrated registry does
	// not have access to image metadata (no image exists matching the image digest).
	SkipOnResolutionFailure bool `json:"skipOnResolutionFailure"`

	// MatchDockerImageLabels checks against the resolved image for the presence of a Docker label. All
	// conditions must match.
	MatchDockerImageLabels []ValueCondition `json:"matchDockerImageLabels"`
	// MatchImageLabels checks against the resolved image for a label. All conditions must match.
	MatchImageLabels []unversioned.LabelSelector `json:"matchImageLabels"`
	// MatchImageAnnotations checks against the resolved image for an annotation. All conditions must match.
	MatchImageAnnotations []ValueCondition `json:"matchImageAnnotations"`

ImageCondition defines the conditions for matching a particular image source. The conditions below are all required (logical AND). If Reject is specified, the condition is false if all conditions match, and true otherwise.

func (ImageCondition) SwaggerDoc

func (ImageCondition) SwaggerDoc() map[string]string

type ImageExecutionPolicyRule

type ImageExecutionPolicyRule struct {
	ImageCondition `json:",inline"`

	// Reject means this rule, if it matches the condition, will cause an immediate failure. No
	// other rules will be considered.
	Reject bool `json:"reject"`

ImageExecutionPolicyRule determines whether a provided image may be used on the platform.

func (ImageExecutionPolicyRule) SwaggerDoc

func (ImageExecutionPolicyRule) SwaggerDoc() map[string]string

type ImagePolicyConfig

type ImagePolicyConfig struct {
	unversioned.TypeMeta `json:",inline"`

	// ResolveImages indicates what kind of image resolution should be done.  If a rewriting policy is chosen,
	// then the image pull specs will be updated.
	ResolveImages ImageResolutionType `json:"resolveImages"`

	// ExecutionRules determine whether the use of an image is allowed in an object with a pod spec.
	// By default, these rules only apply to pods, but may be extended to other resource types.
	// If all execution rules are negations, the default behavior is allow all. If any execution rule
	// is an allow, the default behavior is to reject all.
	ExecutionRules []ImageExecutionPolicyRule `json:"executionRules"`

ImagePolicyConfig is the configuration for control of images running on the platform.

func (*ImagePolicyConfig) GetObjectKind

func (obj *ImagePolicyConfig) GetObjectKind() unversioned.ObjectKind

func (ImagePolicyConfig) SwaggerDoc

func (ImagePolicyConfig) SwaggerDoc() map[string]string

type ImageResolutionType

type ImageResolutionType string

ImageResolutionType is an enumerated string that indicates how image pull spec resolution should be handled

var (
	// require resolution to succeed and rewrite the resource to use it
	RequiredRewrite ImageResolutionType = "RequiredRewrite"
	// require resolution to succeed, but don't rewrite the image pull spec
	Required ImageResolutionType = "Required"
	// attempt resolution, rewrite if successful
	AttemptRewrite ImageResolutionType = "AttemptRewrite"
	// attempt resolution, don't rewrite
	Attempt ImageResolutionType = "Attempt"
	// don't attempt resolution
	DoNotAttempt ImageResolutionType = "DoNotAttempt"

type ValueCondition

type ValueCondition struct {
	// Key is the name of a key in a map to retrieve.
	Key string `json:"key"`
	// Set indicates the provided key exists in the map. This field is exclusive with Value.
	Set bool `json:"set"`
	// Value indicates the provided key has the given value. This field is exclusive with Set.
	Value string `json:"value"`

ValueCondition reflects whether the following key in a map is set or has a given value.

func (ValueCondition) SwaggerDoc

func (ValueCondition) SwaggerDoc() map[string]string

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