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var Strategy = &strategy{kapi.Scheme}


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type ImporterDockerRegistryFunc

type ImporterDockerRegistryFunc func() dockerregistry.Client

ImporterDockerRegistryFunc returns an instance of a docker client that should be used per invocation of import, may be nil if no legacy import capability is required.

type ImporterFunc

type ImporterFunc func(r importer.RepositoryRetriever) importer.Interface

ImporterFunc returns an instance of the importer that should be used per invocation.

type REST

type REST struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

REST implements the RESTStorage interface for ImageStreamImport

func NewREST

func NewREST(importFn ImporterFunc, streams imagestream.Registry, internalStreams rest.CreaterUpdater,
	images rest.Creater, secrets client.ImageStreamSecretsNamespacer,
	transport, insecureTransport http.RoundTripper,
	clientFn ImporterDockerRegistryFunc,

NewREST returns a REST storage implementation that handles importing images. The clientFn argument is optional if v1 Docker Registry importing is not required. Insecure transport is optional, and both transports should not include client certs unless you wish to allow the entire cluster to import using those certs.

func (*REST) Create

func (r *REST) Create(ctx kapi.Context, obj runtime.Object) (runtime.Object, error)

func (*REST) New

func (r *REST) New() runtime.Object

New is only implemented to make REST implement RESTStorage

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