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type NetworkConfig

type NetworkConfig struct {
	// External kube client
	KubeClientset kclientset.Interface
	// External kube client
	ExternalKubeClientset kclientsetexternal.Interface
	// Internal kubernetes shared informer factory.
	InternalKubeInformers kinternalinformers.SharedInformerFactory
	// Network shared informer factory.
	NetworkInformers networkinformers.SharedInformerFactory

	// ProxyConfig is the configuration for the kube-proxy, fully initialized
	ProxyConfig *kubeproxyconfig.KubeProxyConfiguration
	// EnableUnidling indicates whether or not the unidling hybrid proxy should be used
	EnableUnidling bool

	// DNSConfig controls the DNS configuration.
	DNSServer *dns.Server

	// SDNNode is an optional SDN node interface
	SDNNode NodeInterface
	// SDNProxy is an optional service endpoints filterer
	SDNProxy ProxyInterface

NetworkConfig represents the required parameters to start OpenShift networking through Kubernetes. All fields are required.

func New

func New(options configapi.NodeConfig, clusterDomain string, proxyConfig *kubeproxyconfig.KubeProxyConfiguration, enableProxy, enableDNS bool) (*NetworkConfig, error)

New creates a new network config object for running the networking components of the OpenShift node.

func (*NetworkConfig) RunDNS

func (c *NetworkConfig) RunDNS(stopCh <-chan struct{})

RunDNS starts the DNS server as soon as services are loaded.

func (*NetworkConfig) RunProxy

func (c *NetworkConfig) RunProxy()

RunProxy starts the proxy

func (*NetworkConfig) RunSDN

func (c *NetworkConfig) RunSDN()

RunSDN starts the SDN, if the OpenShift SDN network plugin is enabled in configuration.

type NodeInterface added in v3.10.0

type NodeInterface interface {
	Start() error

type ProxyInterface added in v3.10.0

type ProxyInterface interface {

	Start(proxyconfig.EndpointsHandler) error


Path Synopsis
Extracted from, will be removed when openshift-sdn and the network components move out of the Kubelet.
Extracted from, will be removed when openshift-sdn and the network components move out of the Kubelet.

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