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Package api is the internal version of the API.



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var (
	SchemeBuilder = runtime.NewSchemeBuilder(addKnownTypes)
	AddToScheme   = SchemeBuilder.AddToScheme
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var SchemeGroupVersion = schema.GroupVersion{Group: "", Version: runtime.APIVersionInternal}

SchemeGroupVersion is group version used to register these objects


func DeepCopy_api_PodNodeConstraintsConfig added in v3.7.0

func DeepCopy_api_PodNodeConstraintsConfig(in interface{}, out interface{}, c *conversion.Cloner) error

DeepCopy_api_PodNodeConstraintsConfig is an autogenerated deepcopy function.

func Kind

func Kind(kind string) schema.GroupKind

Kind takes an unqualified kind and returns back a Group qualified GroupKind

func RegisterDeepCopies added in v3.7.0

func RegisterDeepCopies(scheme *runtime.Scheme) error

RegisterDeepCopies adds deep-copy functions to the given scheme. Public to allow building arbitrary schemes.

func Resource

func Resource(resource string) schema.GroupResource

Resource takes an unqualified resource and returns back a Group qualified GroupResource


type PodNodeConstraintsConfig

type PodNodeConstraintsConfig struct {
	// NodeSelectorLabelBlacklist specifies a list of labels which cannot be set by entities without the "pods/binding" permission
	NodeSelectorLabelBlacklist []string

PodNodeConstraintsConfig is the configuration for the pod node name and node selector constraint plug-in. For accounts, serviceaccounts, and groups which lack the "pods/binding" permission, Loading this plugin will prevent setting NodeName on pod specs and will prevent setting NodeSelectors whose labels appear in the blacklist field "NodeSelectorLabelBlacklist"

func (*PodNodeConstraintsConfig) GetObjectKind

func (obj *PodNodeConstraintsConfig) GetObjectKind() schema.ObjectKind


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Package v1 is the v1 version of the API.
Package v1 is the v1 version of the API.

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