Package fsnoder allows to create merkletrie noders that resemble file systems, from human readable string descriptions. Its intended use is generating noders in tests in a readable way.

    For example:

    root, _ = New("(a<1> b<2>, B(c<3> d()))")

    will create a noder as follows:

      root        - "root" is an unnamed dir containing "a", "b" and "B".
      / | \       - "a" is a file containing the string "1".
     /  |  \      - "b" is a file containing the string "2".
    a   b   B     - "B" is a directory containing "c" and "d".
           / \    - "c" is a file containing the string "3".
          c   d   - "D" is an empty directory.

    Files are expressed as:

    - one or more letters and dots for the name of the file

    - a single number, between angle brackets, for the contents of the file.

    - examples: a<1>, foo.go<2>.

    Directories are expressed as:

    - one or more letters for the name of the directory.

    - its elements between parents, separated with spaces, in any order.

    - (optionally) the root directory can be unnamed, by skiping its name.


    - D(a<1> b<2>) : two files, "a" and "b", having "1" and "2" as their respective contents, inside a directory called "D".

    - A() : An empty directory called "A".

    - A(b<>) : An directory called "A", with an empty file inside called "b":

    - (b(c<1> d(e<2>)) f<>) : an unamed directory containing:

    ├── b              --> directory
    │   ├── c          --> file containing "1"
    │   └── d          --> directory
    │       └── e      --> file containing "2"
    └── f              --> empty file



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    func HashEqual

    func HashEqual(a, b noder.Hasher) bool

      HashEqual returns if a and b have the same hash.

      func New

      func New(s string) (noder.Noder, error)

        New function creates a full merkle trie from the string description of a filesystem tree. See examples of the string format in the package description.


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