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type BaseStorageSuite

type BaseStorageSuite struct {
	Storer Storer
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewBaseStorageSuite

func NewBaseStorageSuite(s Storer) BaseStorageSuite

func (*BaseStorageSuite) SetUpTest

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) SetUpTest(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TearDownTest

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TearDownTest(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestCheckAndSetReference added in v4.10.0

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestCheckAndSetReference(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestCheckAndSetReferenceError added in v4.10.0

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestCheckAndSetReferenceError(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestCheckAndSetReferenceNil added in v4.10.0

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestCheckAndSetReferenceNil(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestDeltaObjectStorer

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestDeltaObjectStorer(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestGetReferenceNotFound

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestGetReferenceNotFound(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestIndex

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestIndex(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestIterEncodedObjects

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestIterEncodedObjects(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestIterReferences

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestIterReferences(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestModule

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestModule(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestObjectStorerTxGetObjectNotFound

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestObjectStorerTxGetObjectNotFound(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestObjectStorerTxSetEncodedObjectAndCommit

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestObjectStorerTxSetEncodedObjectAndCommit(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestObjectStorerTxSetObjectAndGetObject

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestObjectStorerTxSetObjectAndGetObject(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestObjectStorerTxSetObjectAndRollback

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestObjectStorerTxSetObjectAndRollback(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestPackfileWriter

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestPackfileWriter(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestRemoveReference

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestRemoveReference(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestRemoveReferenceNonExistent

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestRemoveReferenceNonExistent(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestSetConfigAndConfig

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestSetConfigAndConfig(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestSetConfigInvalid

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestSetConfigInvalid(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestSetEncodedObjectAndEncodedObject

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestSetEncodedObjectAndEncodedObject(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestSetEncodedObjectInvalid

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestSetEncodedObjectInvalid(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestSetIndexAndIndex

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestSetIndexAndIndex(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestSetReferenceAndGetReference

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestSetReferenceAndGetReference(c *C)

func (*BaseStorageSuite) TestSetShallowAndShallow

func (s *BaseStorageSuite) TestSetShallowAndShallow(c *C)

type TestObject

type TestObject struct {
	Object plumbing.EncodedObject
	Hash   string
	Type   plumbing.ObjectType

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