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func Load

func Load(name string) (*chart.Chart, error)

Load takes a string name, tries to resolve it to a file or directory, and then loads it.

This is the preferred way to load a chart. It will discover the chart encoding and hand off to the appropriate chart reader.

If a .helmignore file is present, the directory loader will skip loading any files matching it. But .helmignore is not evaluated when reading out of an archive.

func LoadArchive

func LoadArchive(in io.Reader) (*chart.Chart, error)

LoadArchive loads from a reader containing a compressed tar archive.

func LoadDir

func LoadDir(dir string) (*chart.Chart, error)

LoadDir loads from a directory.

This loads charts only from directories.

func LoadFile

func LoadFile(name string) (*chart.Chart, error)

LoadFile loads from an archive file.

func LoadFiles

func LoadFiles(files []*BufferedFile) (*chart.Chart, error)

LoadFiles loads from in-memory files.


type BufferedFile

type BufferedFile struct {
	Name string
	Data []byte

BufferedFile represents an archive file buffered for later processing.

func LoadArchiveFiles

func LoadArchiveFiles(in io.Reader) ([]*BufferedFile, error)

LoadArchiveFiles reads in files out of an archive into memory. This function performs important path security checks and should always be used before expanding a tarball

type ChartLoader

type ChartLoader interface {
	Load() (*chart.Chart, error)

ChartLoader loads a chart.

func Loader

func Loader(name string) (ChartLoader, error)

Loader returns a new ChartLoader appropriate for the given chart name

type DirLoader

type DirLoader string

DirLoader loads a chart from a directory

func (DirLoader) Load

func (l DirLoader) Load() (*chart.Chart, error)

Load loads the chart

type FileLoader

type FileLoader string

FileLoader loads a chart from a file

func (FileLoader) Load

func (l FileLoader) Load() (*chart.Chart, error)

Load loads a chart

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