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type FakeObjectConvertor added in v0.28.0

type FakeObjectConvertor struct{}

FakeObjectConvertor implements runtime.ObjectConvertor but it actually does nothing but return its input.

func (*FakeObjectConvertor) Convert added in v0.28.0

func (c *FakeObjectConvertor) Convert(in, out, context interface{}) error

func (*FakeObjectConvertor) ConvertFieldLabel added in v0.28.0

func (c *FakeObjectConvertor) ConvertFieldLabel(_ schema.GroupVersionKind, _, _ string) (string, string, error)

func (*FakeObjectConvertor) ConvertToVersion added in v0.28.0

type FakeObjectCreater added in v0.28.0

type FakeObjectCreater struct{}

FakeObjectCreater implements ObjectCreater, it can create empty objects (unstructured) of the given GVK.

func (*FakeObjectCreater) New added in v0.28.0

type FakeObjectDefaulter added in v0.28.0

type FakeObjectDefaulter struct{}

FakeObjectDefaulter implements runtime.Defaulter, but it actually does nothing.

func (*FakeObjectDefaulter) Default added in v0.28.0

func (d *FakeObjectDefaulter) Default(in runtime.Object)

type TestFieldManagerImpl

type TestFieldManagerImpl struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTestFieldManagerImpl

func NewTestFieldManagerImpl(typeConverter managedfields.TypeConverter, gvk schema.GroupVersionKind, subresource string, chainFieldManager func(internal.Manager) internal.Manager) *TestFieldManagerImpl

NewTestFieldManager creates a new manager for the given GVK.

func (*TestFieldManagerImpl) APIVersion

func (f *TestFieldManagerImpl) APIVersion() string

APIVersion of the object that we're tracking.

func (*TestFieldManagerImpl) Apply

func (f *TestFieldManagerImpl) Apply(obj runtime.Object, manager string, force bool) error

Apply applies the given object on top of the current liveObj, for the given manager and force flag.

func (*TestFieldManagerImpl) Live

Live returns a copy of the current liveObject.

func (*TestFieldManagerImpl) ManagedFields

func (f *TestFieldManagerImpl) ManagedFields() []metav1.ManagedFieldsEntry

ManagedFields returns the list of existing managed fields for the liveObj.

func (*TestFieldManagerImpl) Reset

func (f *TestFieldManagerImpl) Reset()

Reset resets the state of the liveObject by resetting it to an empty object.

func (*TestFieldManagerImpl) Update

func (f *TestFieldManagerImpl) Update(obj runtime.Object, manager string) error

Update will updates the managed fields in the liveObj based on the changes performed by the update.

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