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const (
	StorageTypeUnset = ""
	StorageTypeETCD3 = "etcd3"

	DefaultCompactInterval      = 5 * time.Minute
	DefaultDBMetricPollInterval = 30 * time.Second
	DefaultHealthcheckTimeout   = 2 * time.Second


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type Config

type Config struct {
	// Type defines the type of storage backend. Default ("") is "etcd3".
	Type string
	// Prefix is the prefix to all keys passed to storage.Interface methods.
	Prefix string
	// Transport holds all connection related info, i.e. equal TransportConfig means equal servers we talk to.
	Transport TransportConfig
	// Paging indicates whether the server implementation should allow paging (if it is
	// supported). This is generally configured by feature gating, or by a specific
	// resource type not wishing to allow paging, and is not intended for end users to
	// set.
	Paging bool

	Codec runtime.Codec
	// EncodeVersioner is the same groupVersioner used to build the
	// storage encoder. Given a list of kinds the input object might belong
	// to, the EncodeVersioner outputs the gvk the object will be
	// converted to before persisted in etcd.
	EncodeVersioner runtime.GroupVersioner
	// Transformer allows the value to be transformed prior to persisting into etcd.
	Transformer value.Transformer

	// CompactionInterval is an interval of requesting compaction from apiserver.
	// If the value is 0, no compaction will be issued.
	CompactionInterval time.Duration
	// CountMetricPollPeriod specifies how often should count metric be updated
	CountMetricPollPeriod time.Duration
	// DBMetricPollInterval specifies how often should storage backend metric be updated.
	DBMetricPollInterval time.Duration
	// HealthcheckTimeout specifies the timeout used when checking health
	HealthcheckTimeout time.Duration

	LeaseManagerConfig etcd3.LeaseManagerConfig

    Config is configuration for creating a storage backend.

    func NewDefaultConfig

    func NewDefaultConfig(prefix string, codec runtime.Codec) *Config

    type TransportConfig

    type TransportConfig struct {
    	// ServerList is the list of storage servers to connect with.
    	ServerList []string
    	// TLS credentials
    	KeyFile       string
    	CertFile      string
    	TrustedCAFile string
    	// function to determine the egress dialer. (i.e. konnectivity server dialer)
    	EgressLookup egressselector.Lookup

      TransportConfig holds all connection related info, i.e. equal TransportConfig means equal servers we talk to.

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