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This is made a separate package and should only be imported by tests, because it imports testapi



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func CreateHTTPClient

func CreateHTTPClient(roundTripper func(*http.Request) (*http.Response, error)) *http.Client

CreateHTTPClient creates an http.Client that will invoke the provided roundTripper func when a request is made.


type RESTClient

type RESTClient struct {
	NegotiatedSerializer runtime.NegotiatedSerializer
	GroupVersion         schema.GroupVersion
	VersionedAPIPath     string

	// Err is returned when any request would be made to the server. If Err is set,
	// Req will not be recorded, Resp will not be returned, and Client will not be
	// invoked.
	Err error
	// Req is set to the last request that was executed (had the methods Do/DoRaw) invoked.
	Req *http.Request
	// If Client is specified, the client will be invoked instead of returning Resp if
	// Err is not set.
	Client *http.Client
	// Resp is returned to the caller after Req is recorded, unless Err or Client are set.
	Resp *http.Response

RESTClient provides a fake RESTClient interface. It is used to mock network interactions via a rest.Request, or to make them via the provided Client to a specific server.

func (*RESTClient) APIVersion

func (c *RESTClient) APIVersion() schema.GroupVersion

func (*RESTClient) Delete

func (c *RESTClient) Delete() *restclient.Request

func (*RESTClient) Get

func (c *RESTClient) Get() *restclient.Request

func (*RESTClient) GetRateLimiter

func (c *RESTClient) GetRateLimiter() flowcontrol.RateLimiter

func (*RESTClient) Patch

func (*RESTClient) Post

func (c *RESTClient) Post() *restclient.Request

func (*RESTClient) Put

func (c *RESTClient) Put() *restclient.Request

func (*RESTClient) Request added in v0.17.0

func (c *RESTClient) Request() *restclient.Request

func (*RESTClient) Verb

func (c *RESTClient) Verb(verb string) *restclient.Request

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