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Published: Jul 17, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 4 Imported by: 415



Package metrics provides abstractions for registering which metrics to record.



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var (
	// ClientCertExpiry is the expiry time of a client certificate
	ClientCertExpiry ExpiryMetric = noopExpiry{}
	// ClientCertRotationAge is the age of a certificate that has just been rotated.
	ClientCertRotationAge DurationMetric = noopDuration{}
	// RequestLatency is the latency metric that rest clients will update.
	RequestLatency LatencyMetric = noopLatency{}
	// ResolverLatency is the latency metric that DNS resolver will update
	ResolverLatency ResolverLatencyMetric = noopResolverLatency{}
	// RequestSize is the request size metric that rest clients will update.
	RequestSize SizeMetric = noopSize{}
	// ResponseSize is the response size metric that rest clients will update.
	ResponseSize SizeMetric = noopSize{}
	// RateLimiterLatency is the client side rate limiter latency metric.
	RateLimiterLatency LatencyMetric = noopLatency{}
	// RequestResult is the result metric that rest clients will update.
	RequestResult ResultMetric = noopResult{}
	// ExecPluginCalls is the number of calls made to an exec plugin, partitioned by
	// exit code and call status.
	ExecPluginCalls CallsMetric = noopCalls{}
	// RequestRetry is the retry metric that tracks the number of
	// retries sent to the server.
	RequestRetry RetryMetric = noopRetry{}
	// TransportCacheEntries is the metric that tracks the number of entries in the
	// internal transport cache.
	TransportCacheEntries TransportCacheMetric = noopTransportCache{}
	// TransportCreateCalls is the metric that counts the number of times a new transport
	// is created
	TransportCreateCalls TransportCreateCallsMetric = noopTransportCreateCalls{}


func Register

func Register(opts RegisterOpts)

Register registers metrics for the rest client to use. This can only be called once.


type CallsMetric added in v0.21.0

type CallsMetric interface {
	// Increment increments a counter per exitCode and callStatus.
	Increment(exitCode int, callStatus string)

CallsMetric counts calls that take place for a specific exec plugin.

type DurationMetric added in v0.18.0

type DurationMetric interface {
	Observe(duration time.Duration)

DurationMetric is a measurement of some amount of time.

type ExpiryMetric added in v0.18.0

type ExpiryMetric interface {
	Set(expiry *time.Time)

ExpiryMetric sets some time of expiry. If nil, assume not relevant.

type LatencyMetric

type LatencyMetric interface {
	Observe(ctx context.Context, verb string, u url.URL, latency time.Duration)

LatencyMetric observes client latency partitioned by verb and url.

type RegisterOpts added in v0.18.0

type RegisterOpts struct {
	ClientCertExpiry      ExpiryMetric
	ClientCertRotationAge DurationMetric
	RequestLatency        LatencyMetric
	ResolverLatency       ResolverLatencyMetric
	RequestSize           SizeMetric
	ResponseSize          SizeMetric
	RateLimiterLatency    LatencyMetric
	RequestResult         ResultMetric
	ExecPluginCalls       CallsMetric
	RequestRetry          RetryMetric
	TransportCacheEntries TransportCacheMetric
	TransportCreateCalls  TransportCreateCallsMetric

RegisterOpts contains all the metrics to register. Metrics may be nil.

type ResolverLatencyMetric added in v0.28.0

type ResolverLatencyMetric interface {
	Observe(ctx context.Context, host string, latency time.Duration)

type ResultMetric

type ResultMetric interface {
	Increment(ctx context.Context, code string, method string, host string)

ResultMetric counts response codes partitioned by method and host.

type RetryMetric added in v0.27.0

type RetryMetric interface {
	IncrementRetry(ctx context.Context, code string, method string, host string)

RetryMetric counts the number of retries sent to the server partitioned by code, method, and host.

type SizeMetric added in v0.24.0

type SizeMetric interface {
	Observe(ctx context.Context, verb string, host string, size float64)

SizeMetric observes client response size partitioned by verb and host.

type TransportCacheMetric added in v0.28.0

type TransportCacheMetric interface {
	Observe(value int)

TransportCacheMetric shows the number of entries in the internal transport cache

type TransportCreateCallsMetric added in v0.28.0

type TransportCreateCallsMetric interface {
	Increment(result string)

TransportCreateCallsMetric counts the number of times a transport is created partitioned by the result of the cache: hit, miss, uncacheable

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