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type DebuggingOptions

type DebuggingOptions struct {

DebuggingOptions holds the Debugging options.

func RecommendedDebuggingOptions

func RecommendedDebuggingOptions() *DebuggingOptions

RecommendedDebuggingOptions returns the currently recommended debugging options. These are subject to change between releases as we add options and decide which features should be exposed or not by default.

func (*DebuggingOptions) AddFlags

func (o *DebuggingOptions) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlags adds flags related to debugging for controller manager to the specified FlagSet.

func (*DebuggingOptions) ApplyTo

ApplyTo fills up Debugging config with options.

func (*DebuggingOptions) Validate

func (o *DebuggingOptions) Validate() []error

Validate checks validation of DebuggingOptions.

type GenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions

type GenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions struct {
	Debugging *DebuggingOptions
	// LeaderMigration is the options for leader migration, a nil indicates default options should be applied.
	LeaderMigration *migration.LeaderMigrationOptions

GenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions holds the options which are generic.

func NewGenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions

func NewGenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions(cfg *cmconfig.GenericControllerManagerConfiguration) *GenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions

NewGenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions returns generic configuration default values for both the kube-controller-manager and the cloud-contoller-manager. Any common changes should be made here. Any individual changes should be made in that controller.

func (*GenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions) AddFlags

func (o *GenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions) AddFlags(fss *cliflag.NamedFlagSets, allControllers, disabledByDefaultControllers []string, controllerAliases map[string]string)

AddFlags adds flags related to generic for controller manager to the specified FlagSet.

func (*GenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions) ApplyTo

func (o *GenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions) ApplyTo(cfg *cmconfig.GenericControllerManagerConfiguration, allControllers []string, disabledByDefaultControllers []string, controllerAliases map[string]string) error

ApplyTo fills up generic config with options.

func (*GenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions) Validate

func (o *GenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions) Validate(allControllers []string, disabledByDefaultControllers []string, controllerAliases map[string]string) []error

Validate checks validation of GenericOptions.

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