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This library contains common code for controller managers. Principally its for the Kube-Controller-Manager and Cloud-Controller-Manager. However other controller managers are welcome to use this code.


There are NO compatibility guarantees for this repository, yet. It is in direct support of Kubernetes, so branches will track Kubernetes and be compatible with that repo. As we more cleanly separate the layers, we will review the compatibility guarantee. We have a goal to make this easier to use in the future.

Where does it come from?

This package comes from the common code between kube-controller-manager and cloud-controller-manager. The intent is for it to contain our current understanding of the right way to build a controller manager. There are legacy aspects of these controller managers which should be cleaned before adding them here. controller-manager is synced from Code changes are made in that location, merged into and later synced here.

Things you should NOT do

  1. Directly modify any files under pkg in this repo. Those are driven from
  2. Expect compatibility. This repo is currently changing rapidly in direct support of Kubernetes and the controller-manager processes and the cloud provider extraction effort.



Package controllermanager contains the common library code for building a controller-manager. It was based on the common code between the kube-controller-manager and the cloud-controller-manager.


Path Synopsis
Package config should only include generic configurations
Package config should only include generic configurations

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